Pushkar is regarded as one of the holliest pilgrimage places in India. I have heard people saying that Pushkar is even older than Varanasi. Whether this is true or not, I dont know. However the lake is surrounded by 500 temples, they say with the main temple of Brahma in the middle, wich is also one of very few in India. Pushkar has a very beautiful energy that you can feel immediately when you spend an evening on one of the gats and listen to the drummer playing there almost every evening. The entire place is vibrating in it's very own tune. 


According to the legend, a demon called Vajra Nabha killed off Lord Brahma's children. In an act of rage and revenge, Brahma slew Vajra Nabha with a lotus flower. These petals from the lotus fell on to the earth to give rise to the Pushkar lake.

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